FAST. FUN. FOR everyone.

XBeat is a new revolutionary group workout that is exciting and gets you results faster.


Thanks to state-of-art wireless EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) technology, a regular training session of 90 minutes is compressed into just 20 minutes. An XBeat group workout takes your body to the next level, with fast visible results.

What makes EMS so effective?

During EMS Training more muscle fibres are activated in a shorter amount of time compared to conventional training.

Unlike regular training withweights, EMS puts no stress onthe joints. By strenghtening muscles, itcan improve these weak areassuch as knees, lower backand hips with no risk.

In EMS training, electrodes areplaced strategically over each majormuscle groups, which are individually stimulated. Trainings are supervised by educated trainers to meet your personalized needs/goals.


1-and-2-and-3-and-Go. A workout has never felt this good. Enjoy high-energy music and colorful lights in XBeat’s unique workout class. And exciting new classes throughout the year keep things fresh and challanging.

No need to do it all by yourself. Your personal XBeat group trainer is there for you to adapt each workout to your individual needs and give you the right amount of motivation. And your workout buddies are there to enjoy the workout and celebrate the results with you.

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