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EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the fitness industry. Thanks to its proven effectiveness and low investment needs compared to other training methods, EMS has experienced exponential growth in the fitness industry. Thousands of studios have become successful and multiple EMS studio franchises have emerged from this technology.


XBody especially created XBEAT for a new generation of consumers. It taps into a rapidly expanding market of combining fitness, fun and community. Consumers are looking for fitness experiences that also deliver results fast. XBEAT provides all of these like no other training method.

Find out which business model suits you best and learn how you can join more than 2 000 success stories with XBody.

XBEAT Studio

Become your own boss

The easiest way to own a business in the fitness industry

Always wanted to start a business that requires low financial investment and is cost-effective in maintenance? One you can grow and improve with setting your own pace?

Opening your first studio doesn’t require much time, if you set up a good plan, execution can be quite fast and effective, resulting in having your own studio running in just a couple of months.

We are here for you to help you succeed, with many years of experience from all over the world, comprehensive know-how, tips and tricks of the industry, ROI calculations, marketing plan studies and examples and the knowledge base of the EMS Trainer Institute, we are striving to provide you with all the information you might need to run your business smoothly and to maximize your device and human resource utilization. Moreover, we are happy to list your studio on our website to drive traffic to your business.

XBEAT Shop-in-Shop

Expand your gym offerings

The most profitable way to expand your gym or fitness business

If you are looking to expand your gym and your services with new equipment and opportunities, look no further, adding XBody EMS training devices is the way to go.

Compared to other alternatives for a gym expansion, you can keep your investment costs low and your profit margins high, resulting in an exceptionally high ROI. If you are already running a gym, starting your EMS business is really easy. You don’t even have to bother with building new showers and changing rooms, all you need is a large TV or LED screen to start offering EMS as a Group Fitness class for up to 6 clients per training session.

Our shop-in-shop concept is adaptable to all types of gyms and fitness business, any sizes and circumstances, just utilize your empty spinning class room, a non-used aerobic room or simply an empty space in your gym and start your EMS business now!
With XBody Actiwave you can use its wireless Group Training functionality to train multiple clients at the same time while still paying individual attention and settings to each client.
XBody completely changed the world of EMS training devices and it is leading the way ever since. Designed from the ground up to redefine what a great EMS device is, XBody’s solutions are very easy to learn, they look beautiful, deliver great results for clients, and help the studio owners to manage and grow their business.
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